I am relatively new to the EDS world. But not new to chronic pain. Done a lot of work on understanding the importance of keeping your nervous system calm, mindfulness etc. Learning about issues related to bracing/locking joints and the importance of stability and issues with proprioception has been a huge awakening for me! Thank you Jeannie and this group! My question is about the psoas muscle. I had surgical complications following a major operation to fix pelvic organ prolapse (all of them). This was 10 years ago, but my right side psoas muscle has been tight and irritated ever since. I think I am also collapsing over to the right. I am just wondering which classes/programs will best help strengthen and address this? I have so far mainly just been working on the Foundations. Happy Friday!

Posted by Jackie Rolleman at 2023-04-14 13:06:34 UTC