Does anyone know if the backpod is suitable for us? I’ve had several visits to hospital for sudden onset chest pain. Costrochondritis has been suggested so I’ve got a backpod. I’m not sure if the actual problem is costrochondritis or possibly subluxing ribs though. Last time it happened was a week ago, I suspect I did it throwing some food for the birds as it got worse steadily that afternoon and was gone by Tuesday night. At no point could I find a specific rib that was sticking out - how easy is it to tell? It seems to get better too quickly for costrochondritis but it’s absolute agony when it happens! The backpod is supposed to be for loosening up the back ribs - is this likely to help or make things worse? Any ideas?

Posted by Deleted (393d38bc) at 2022-02-14 13:07:26 UTC