Thinking ahead to warmer weather. I've really got my pots symptoms under control with compression leggings, abdominal compression ( although this needs a vest underneath), fluids and electrolytes. Abdominal and electrolytes in particular I feel made the greatest difference to my fatigue ( most of the time! It does come and go) . I have rejigged my wardrobe somewhat to wear the super thick leggings almost all the time, ( lots of short smock dresses to cover the waist brace) and if I do venture out in jeans, it wouldn't be for anything with loads of standing/ walking and I'll wear compression socks and shorts underneath. But all of these things are going to be too hot fairly soon. .. in possibly a first ever incident of me planning ahead , what do those experienced potsy 'oldtimers' among you do in the summer? Are there mesh leggings maybe? Other ideas? Is abdominal enough? ( Ps I have just ordered a couple of corsets! 😎 @marie.kelley @mischascookin ) Thanks!

Posted by rachaelr at 2023-04-14 15:12:44 UTC