Hi Zebras, may I ask for advise regarding #workaccommodations with an employer with a history of discriminatory practices. Specifically, any resources on how to document FUNCTIONAL LIMITATIONS/RESTRICTIONS related to the work hour reductions that are not consistent. And I dont' think I understand what they mean. My doc had written that I could do admin work from home, which HR said was not functional. My doc's intention was to allow me to have flexibility to lay down after my five hours in hospital, then do admin work listening to what my body needs. The hours of 8-1 are because often I am so exhausted after 1pm that I cannot work and need to lay down, and I spend 2 hours in a routine for POTS to get out of bed; so I cannot work early hours (which should not matter bc the service starts at 0800). i don't want to share too much with HR because they are not trustworthy. Does anyone know how to word the following restrictions in a "functional limitation" way? 1) reduced hours to 20 hours per week of onsite work a) wiht the ability to alt sitting standing throughout the day as often as ever ten minutes b) hours 8-1pm 2) up to 6 hours of admin work from home weekly a) may be completed in reclined position with the ability to adjust posture as often as every 10 minutes 3) may work 2 consecutive 8 hour days 8am-5pm per month so long as day following 2 consecutive 8 hour days I'm not working 4) may work 3 consecutive 8 hour days 8am - 5pm twice per year so long as day prior and following are not worked. HR took issue with a few things--why can you work two 8-hour days on the weekend for call and not during the week. I replied--less work on the weekend and the day off following the weekend allows for treatments aimed at recovery. I heard a rumor that HR is in process of eliminating physicians who have requests for reasonable accommodations; so I really want to get the wording right and not give them too much information. I also heard organization has engaged in contracts with most employment lawyers in the area which prevents docs from seeking representation. Makes no sense to me. I've never had a complaint and am well regarded professionally; so they have no reason to terminate me, but I definitely got the sense that they were posturing to go down that path with me and want to effectively self advocate to keep my job!

Posted by Gumby Shrink at 2023-04-15 15:18:09 UTC