Bit of a weird one, but now you'll know why my name is Geeky Al! :P So, I am very geeky (surprise!), and particularly passionate about videogames. I am thinking of getting myself a Pilates ring for some of the TZC classes (heard very good things) and, this is where it gets interesting, I know of this game called "Ring Fit Adventure". Basically, it's a game that uses a modified version of a Pilates ring, to which you can attach a small controller. You will then interact with the screen, using the ring to exercise (disguised as cute minigames. I know that the game has lots of options to adjust the level of intensity, range of movement, it calibrates with your body... etc. So I thought I would give it a go and buy the game with the ring, use the ring for TZC and kill two birds with one stone. Do any Zebras know or have used this game? Is the ring okay quality/shape/resistance-wise? I thought I'd double check before making the purchase :). Thanks a lot! P.S.: Please delete if not appropriate! I am not trying to do a promotion for this game. I haven't even tried it haha. Just trying to prevent wasting my money and, maybe, finding out if there are some geeky zebras around!

Posted by Geeky Al at 2023-04-15 15:44:53 UTC