I’ve been in an intense amount of pain. My MRI from Premier Orthopedics Urgent Care says I have L5-S1 shallow broad based right paracentral disc protrusion and a small left paracentral annular tear. Has anyone else with hypermobility experienced this? I’m thinking I might go back to ortho urgent care for an injection because the pain is unreal. I’m nervous about how to proceed. I have an EDS eval at Prism Spine and Joint, but not until 6/15. I meet the criteria, have a history of dislocation and subluxation, and now my daughter is going through the same thing. She was just diagnosed with hypermobility, recently dislocated her knee, and is starting PT on Friday. I’m afraid to go to an orthopedic doctor without being formally diagnosed yet, just suspected EDS. I know I want to avoid surgery because they are always hard on me. If anyone here has been through disc issues I would appreciate more info, like did you avoid surgery, if you had surgery what kind and how did it go, tricks or hacks to help with managing the pain. Are these exercises safe with disc protrusion? Are disc issues more common in EDS or connective tissue disorders?

Posted by Jules at 2023-04-18 13:33:13 UTC