Hi everyone, I’m new here and I’m French speaker from Montreal, Quebec. Hope my English is good enough to be understood… Here, it’s hard to find professional who knows about hEDS. I have to go on private health care services and it is very expensive. The private doctor who find my hEDS told me I have “mcas”, but the gastroenterologist that fallow me in public service talk about IBS. I have tried the FODMAP programme from Monash université (Australie). It help a wile, with some digestives issues, pain and fatigue, but not enough and it was to restricted. Hard to manage with my husband and impossible with the little social life i have. I let go. I learn about Nerva, also from Monash … I was wondering if someone know about it? It’s a hypnotherapy apps programme made by Monash Université (Australie) to help to IBS acting on vagus nerve. I give it a tri, even though it’s not free. I’ll let you know if it’s helping.

Posted by Marie-France at 2023-04-18 16:17:35 UTC