Hi Everyone! I’m Ashley Coltellino, and the ambassador for the Zebra Zoomies! The Zebra Zoomies is a subgroup within the Zebra Club. In this group we meet on zoom and screen share the zebra club classes together. There are multiple zoom classes throughout the day, so you have the option to join during a time that works best for you. The zebra zoomies is a great way to keep accountable, meet new friends, and explore new classes. For me personally it has been life changing. I enjoy doing the classes daily and talking with new zebra club members. Many of the zebra zoomie members have now become close friends. If you have any questions please reach out to me either directly or in the Zebra Zoomies sub-group. All information about the Zebra Zoomies can be found in the resource center under the folder “Zebra Zoomies.” I would encourage everyone to give the Zebra Zoomies a try!

Posted by AshColtell at 2023-04-19 18:21:34 UTC