After Dr Russek’s talk I started monitoring my HRV on StressScan. It’s a bit discouraging because my HRV is high no matter what I do. I’ve been checking it after various activities: waking up, TZC videos, walking, sitting on my porch, meditating, diaphragmatic breathing, chanting om, petting my cats, crafting. Always the same result: low HRV/high stress score. These are all activities I’ve been doing for a long time and one would think if they were going to increase my HRV they would’ve by now. Three possibilities I can think of that might be keeping it low: 1) neck instability/muscle tension in my neck, 2) stimulant medication for ADHD (very curious how this affects it), 3) maybe the app itself stresses me out! Has anyone else tried it? What was your experience? Has anyone monitored HRV for a while and seen an increase in HRV?

Posted by emily-b at 2023-04-20 19:54:42 UTC