Hello zebras the last two weeks my leg pains have got significantly worse, I’m having to furniture walk majority of the time at home, keep loosing my balance and almost falling over, increased leg spasms and very restless legs. Tonic water having little effect. I went to see my physio today who said my leg muscles are very tight and in spasm. Im 37yrs old but walking like a 80 yr old. Having the therapy has given my legs relief. I have a phone consultation with my pain consultant on Wednesday, is there any advice on medication that can be effective? I’ve tried tens machines, magnesium bath, I’m on pregabalin, codeine and my weighted blanket really helps but I still work part time and have two young boys with adhd, asd so I can’t rest when they are off school. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. To be honest really getting to me now. Xxx

Posted by Deleted (c3fb8e3a) at 2023-04-29 03:13:03 UTC