#Anxiety in many forms is a common theme amongst questions and discussion here. Ages ago someone (I think @jillw or @Bethany - or someone else) shared a page from the book Disjointed about where and how perceived or diagnosed anxiety may actually be manifestations of #dysautonomia or #autonomicdysfunction . One of Jeannie’s guests here (Dr Jessica Eccles) also works in this area with focus more towards the neuro-diversity aspect (she is referred to also in this video discussion). So, this video is a great discussion in that zone. I initially assumed most zebras here would see this through other channels but decided it worth sharing. https://youtu.be/WdmOCAZ38Yg EDS society has put out quite a few helpful short videos recently. ✨👍🏼

Posted by barbara at 2023-04-29 04:56:54 UTC