Hey guys, I am looking from advice here from more experienced people. I was having a good week. I have been focusinf on the gentle classes for quite a while now so I wanted to try some of the moderate. It went very well... until something shifted a bit in my knee. The good news is that I am not too bad, it doesn't hurt a lot, just feeling a bit wobbly on that knee and of course my body is bracing like crazy. Now, the real problem is in my head and this is where I could use some gentle advice and support from more experienced people: I obviously need to recover. But I am literally trained to push through pain and discomfort. It's what I have been doing all my life, including professionally. I am (very) slowly learning to stop and wait, and not force things. Bur right now my brain it's screaming at me "do something, fix it, maybe another (gentle) class, maybe another muscle group?". Having ADHD doesn't help either. Right now, both the advice from non-specialised clinicians (like "don't stop moving, it's gonna make it worse) and the more recent and more specialised advice I have been receiving are mixing in my head. I feel very disoriented and I want to do the best for myself and my recovery. Do you guys deal with similar things? How do you cope with it? Thanks a lot!

Posted by Geeky Al at 2023-04-29 10:27:58 UTC