My Piriformis Secret How I healed my piriformis muscle after years of pain, fear, and disability — I'm so excited to share this with you guys. I injured my piriformis muscle in high school track and it was never the same after that. In 2018 after recovering from a back injury I started to have hip problems and basically my hip hurt for four years. I lost my ability to walk. I had to teach myself to walk all over again but I could not figure it out. Once I did I got up to a mile a day. I believe the adductor muscle is the key to coordinating the hip muscles correctly in the standing position and relieving the piriformis. I think the adductor muscle is basically the brain of leg muscle movement. I call it the rudder of the body. Especially where it connects to the inside back of the hip. This is where you initiate movement. Then you want to use the big hip muscles like the G max and the G min. All of this happens in milliseconds. When I'm about to walk, I like to think about the adductor initiating steps and then I think “smooth and everything working together.” The adductor muscle also pushes through as you walk and coordinates changes in direction. After I hurt the piriformis I started using IT as the brain instead of the adductor. I got really anxious because it was doing a job it's not supposed to do. I was using the outside of my hips to initiate movement and balance instead of my inner hips. What do you guys think??? I've never read this theory anywhere but it helped me so much I want to see if it could help someone else. And I should say adductor muscles* * one more thing to add—I almost like to think of the adductor muscles going in a continuous functional line up into the pelvic floor muscles. I don't know if this is right but I feel like they coordinate together

Posted by Amanda C at 2023-05-03 12:16:53 UTC