Anyone dealing with mitral valve issues as a feature of HSD/hEDS? I have a recent diagnosis (unspecified collagen disorder, lifelong symptoms with many HSD markers). I also had open-heart mitral valve repair a couple decades ago when I was 30, symptoms began when I was 12 (this isn't vascular EDS, just a feature of hypermobile tissue and likely congenital). Like many valve patients, I'm now dealing with afib/aflutter (eleven cardioversions, two ablations, trying various meds). I've found that the arrhythmias have many of the same flare triggers as HSD/EDS and also respond well to rest, pacing, gentle regular movement, electrolytes, diaphragmatic breathing, all the good stuff that calms the nervous system and especially the vagus. Anyone else trying to balance heart function as part of all of this? #heartmurmur #mitralvalveissues #afib

Posted by Kathy M at 2023-05-03 19:37:34 UTC