I have had #migraine on and off for 5 days. The only medication that has worked has been ibuprofen, which I try to limit, and my prescription escape narcotic for severe migraine. Last night, migraine became severe, despite medication, and was emanating from from my back, shoulders, and neck (I have no idea how I incurred this pain!). I got on my bed and followed Jeanie's migraine pain relief class, except for the part where I would have to be on my stomach, and it worked quickly! The key for me was the "windmill arms"! Ahhhhhh! Today, the pain/tension started returning, and I did the Release Upper Back Tension class on YT, again with good results. It amazes me how much good can be done supine! Even with medication onboard, I think it works better and faster if one of these classes is mobilized too.

Posted by Jenny at 2023-05-03 20:38:39 UTC