Craniocervical Instability, cervical instability and migraines - what tests for this please. Appointment is at 10:45am this morning! I’m in the UK so NHS. I have a pain from the right side of the top of my neck, over my head and towards my eye (migraine pain), that feels like I have an axe embedded, every single day. I have a neurology telephone appointment today with the hospital that prescribed my emgality injection for the migraines. The Dr will ask me what I think is wrong and I truly believe from my symptoms, that I have neck instability. It is likely that I will be referred to the John Radcliffe in Oxford, I don’t think they have an upright scanner though. Please can somebody advise of the best place for me to ask to go where the right tests can be performed with a knowledgeable doctor, and what tests diagnose it the most accurately? This has been going on for years and I cannot accept that this has to be it. Juggling medications, manipulation and pain and losing out on time with my children. Please help advise me if you have experience. I’d be very grateful.

Posted by Deleted (69179064) at 2023-05-04 08:53:51 UTC