Hi zebra’s, I’m having a lot of trouble finding my way in my body. Ive been diagnosed with hms about 15 years ago and since then have been working out to way too hard as my gp, fysio and rehab specialists date from the middle-ages… Anyway 52 years old now and have been a member of tzc for about a year and finally I’m learning how to move intelligenly without inflicting damage or pain to myself. Now I’m still somewhat lost since im having quite severe chronic bilateral greater trochanter syndrome, bilateral hip inpingement, diastasis recti and scoliosis. I feel I need to work on these but I can’t find a way without hurting myself. What could be good focus-exercises in the app for me? It’s like i dont even know were my abs are! And by moving my hips i get multiple click and snaps that really hurt for days afterwards. So yeah, the fear of movement is real. Sorry for complaining and thank you for any tip! X!

Posted by Veronique at 2023-05-04 14:42:36 UTC