Hi friends, Madora Pennington from L.A. in the U.S. published a blog post recently after overcoming hEDS through 10 years of injecting Vitamin C (aka Ascor) and strengthening exercise. See link to her blog, Less Flexible: https://lessflexible.com/mystory/2023/1/15/on-10-years-of-daily-vitamin-c-shots Thought I’d post it here to see what folks think. My EDS doc refused to help me try out these injections. 🤷🏻‍♀️ (There’s another zebra in Canada who had similar results; her naturopath wrote her the prescription. But naturopaths in the US can’t prescribe medications, I’ve learned.)

Posted by abra.pollock at 2023-05-05 05:08:11 UTC