Hello fellow Zebras So I wanted to ask if some of you guys have strategies for sleeping and waking up? I‘ve been struggling with dislocating my shoulder, knee caps and jaw while I am asleep. Also occurring and causing me to wake up is overall limb numbness (for example a whole leg or both of my arms shoulder down). In the morning while being half asleep I overstretch myself causing my ankles and knees extreme pain that last for days (it feels like I‘m slightly tearing my muscles and sometimes I hear it ripping). And I experience extreme muscles tension that causes me to shake involuntarily f.e. my lower jaw, in my neck or in my legs or arms. I‘m sleeping with multiple pillows to correct my rolling around and I also got a body pillow which helps a lot. And in the morning as soon as I realize I am shaking or stretching I try to calm down and relax. Thank you already and have a good day/night Rina

Posted by Deleted (7a2779d3) at 2022-02-20 09:03:30 UTC