Classes were a bit delayed today but I'm doing Magic Circle Power since today is my strength and stability day. Twists and Spirals for my second class. May do a third but undecided. What are you all doing for movement today? Productive morning here and I got my medical appointment drama all sorted out so I can stop worrying. Phew. Gastro appointment is set. Also turns out the rheumatologist never sent a letter she was supposed to, so my primary never knew they were supposed to be doing anything. They're sending records over now saying that follow up care should be neurology consult and EDS specialist for evaluation/diagnosis/genetic testing. Hopefully insurance is good with that and it gets me closer to figuring things out. See how long it takes to get all that done, could be long waits. I'm happy though to have made a little progress. Also the lovely delivery person said she'd be happy to set my heavy package inside so I didn't have to attempt to drag it off the porch! 🥳 The weather is just how I like it, cool and a little rainy. Good day all around. 🤗

Posted by SunRise42 at 2023-05-08 18:08:44 UTC