I have scoliosis, and in addition to feeling pain I also have a constant sense of being twisted. I’m always trying to fix this. I thought it was a functional scoliosis because nobody caught it in childhood even when they used to assess for scoliosis periodically. But even as a teenager I remember my shoes would wear out in reverse (one in the front, one in the back) like they do now suggesting my pelvis and legs were twisted in the same way back then. I’ve gone to every kind of manual therapist and done years and years of PT. Just the other day I thought, maybe it’s not functional and it’s just the way my body is and always has been/will be, so instead of trying to fix it I need to learn to accept it. I’ve heard of people with severe scoliosis who don’t have pain, because they don’t have central sensitization like I do. But I wonder if the combination of EDS and scoliosis causes the misalignment to be more of a problem. So, in TZC exercises, should I strive for alignment or just go with my body’s tendencies? For example when on my back with knees bent, my left knee always wants to tilt to the left. I can force it into proper alignment, but should I? And in standing and walking, should I allow that foot to out-toe because my hip and leg twist to the left? I’ve always kept it straight but I have a lot of hip and knee pain and maybe that’s bc I’m working against my body. Thoughts? I’d love to hear about successes from others with scoliosis who’ve had success with TZC by the way, and what helped you succeed.

Posted by emily-b at 2023-05-09 14:33:37 UTC