Iv seen foot surgeon this morning, The verdict was, big toes & little toes are lifted to much when walking motion & this is putting a lot of pressure on the foot/ tendons around those areas. Did mention I had an awful lot of laxity in my feet. Shock πŸ˜†. Got heal bone spurs this is some thats had planter fasiitus a very long time yup lol. Did mention could possibly operate but the long term may not be best option. We have gone no on operations more on management, I need & have been tapping my feet when out but I need to do both sides. Get some Dr Martin boots. Plus exercise feet, he seen a little of TZC before, today he said carry on doing this. That was one foot πŸ˜†. @Jeannie and all is this a thing with toes over lifted up in the walking motion. I can't recall this ever being mentioned anywhere. Also does anyone wear Dr Martin boots? Sorry for long post.

Posted by ian at 2023-05-11 13:03:11 UTC