Hi everyone, The other day I wrote about having developed foot issues (thank you to all who quickly responded and gave their advice). I went to my PCP and she diagnosed plantar fasciitis and because I'm getting ready to leave for vacation prescribed a 6 day course of Prednisone to help with the inflammation (disclaimer - this is my experience, I am not suggest this is the correct medical decision for anyone else). Additionally, she told me to rest until I leave, do ice treatments, buy a compression sock, and gave me some exercises. As I've learned here, I probably need to not do those exercises as written, not as many seconds or reps, which I modified. But I'm having a hard time knowing what the balance should be. Also, if I use a ball for massage, is that ok in this initial acute phase, should I use the ball on the heel, could it cause tears in the plantar fascia? I am seeing my PT on Monday, but you guys probably have more tools and tips that I could use. I'm so stressed and worried I will break the other foot, which is lagging behind in symptoms. Has anyone developed PF on both feet at the same time? 🥺 I feel very defeated and depressed 😔. Sorry for the ramble...I really appreciate everyone here and @Jeannie Di Bon for creating this space 🙏

Posted by Florentina at 2023-05-14 00:33:54 UTC