One thing I've been finding I really struggle with across all of the classes is alignment. I know that if you're out of alignment that messes with everything in your body, but when I try to correct it (and maybe that's part of the problem?) I'm in a lot of pain, particularly in my lower body. I was born with short calf muscles (calf soleus), which I understand to be a structural issue, so as far as I know it's not something I can "fix", but is something I've worked on my whole life. It messes with my gait and alignment and causes pain. (This is only part of the issue I know, but it's a big one for me). Does anyone have any tips for how I can work on this? @Jeannie Di Bon do you have any thoughts/suggestions?

Posted by Katie M. at 2023-05-17 19:41:06 UTC