Advice needed please! Last summer before I found TZC, I had a horrible sharp pain at the top of my left leg when I tried to walk. It doubled me over but I found if I pressed in on it I could walk slowly upright again. Eventually it went away but it left me with a really sore right hip (basically I think it had been compensating for the other side). NHS Dr didn't know what the left hand front hip pain was and referred me to NHS PT but by the time I saw them it had gone and was told I need to strengthen my glutes (no surprise there then). Anyway, come autumn I found TZC and all was good as I focussed on hip and pelvis. Right hand hip pain got better and has now gone. BUT this front hip pain has just started coming back! I can't believe it and am gutted. I think(?) it might be the sartorius muscle based on web images as it's that sort of position at the top of the leg. Worse is I'm due to go on a city break next week (a holiday we were supposed to take in April 2020 🙄) and there will be a fair amount of walking so I'm now thinking I'll be left sitting drinking cortados or something fizzy people watching for five days (I know, it could be worse). Anyone else had anything like this? Any particular exercises worked for you? I don't know what has brought it back. I've been cycling uphill quite a few days (no more than 15 minutes) but I've done that lots of times before and been fine.

Posted by cathg at 2023-05-18 13:25:14 UTC