Happy Friday 🦓🦓, I know a lot of you do the Unwind the #Pelvis video and I wanted to ask how you do the exercise where you keep feet together, and roll to the side while keeping the knees together. I've been trying for a long time, and I'm talking a tiny move definitely not as deep as Jeannie's, and I don't understand how to bring myself back from the upper body. How does your #breath coordinate with the moves? Do you: 1. inhale and roll to the side, 2.exhale and let go while still on the side to relax the pelvis 3. inhale again to come up? I seem to bring myself up by using the bottom leg to push the top leg and pelvis back into neutral. I can't access anything in the upper body. 🤷😔 And the more I try I feel like the lower back gets involved, my neck gets involved, jaw etc...idk how to do this or build up to it. 🙏

Posted by Florentina at 2023-05-19 15:12:47 UTC