Oh the joys of HSD! I have been doing so well with the help of Jeannie and TZC, I just finished Jeannies IMM course, so enlightening! I am working on new exercises and still have sooooo much to learn! I didn't catch myself bracing my neck and over did a few things. Woke with a very sore, tight neck that went on for 3 days with an added migrane, ugh! SO... I decided to keep going and work on my lower body while I gave my upper system a rest... well... I apparently went into my lumbar and activated some nerve and tissue damage all down my leg and into my foot. Ugh!!! I'm off to Netflix for some comedy! On the upside... this is all great progress and I have to keep the milestones in mind :)

Posted by gurrylife at 2023-05-22 22:59:26 UTC