Hiya, and thanks for making TZC app- such a brilliant resource. I am nursing a rather nasty shoulder injury. My shoulder has dislocated forwards forever but I had my first posterior dislocation in October 2020 which was really serious and has left me with multi directional instability and the shoulder is permanently subluxed or dislocated. For now I can't do much with it and am being advised to rest it (with some very basic gentle physio) but I can't stop working on everything else as well. Just to complicate things I've become a full time wheelchair user (due to extremely severe POTS but now also due to hip laxity).. I am trying to focus the exercises to keep the strength in my core, rebuild strength in my pelvis/hips and now legs but I can only safely use the seated/floor based exercises and I really prefer the laying ones as they seem to be best for my POTS. As my shoulder blade is winging so badly, laying flat is really painful but I am determined to keep going. I'm trying to find a way to pad my shoulder blade whilst laying flat without making me too one sided, & also for anything for the side lying exercises as I really like these for my pelvis but want to keep my shoulder neutral and as safe as possible. I'm just worried by altering the intended resting posture too much as I know it's vital to really let go and sink into the floor to give a good foundation. Is there anything anyone can recommend? For the flat exercises, I've tried using V pillow so it's at least even on both sides but then I need additional neck support so I feel a little bit like I'm changing the position too much and it does changes the pressure on my lower back. Any hacks for either problem are gratefully received! Thank you! ❤️

Posted by rosieposie at 2022-02-24 22:57:21 UTC