Cervical Instability #cervicalinstability topic: I just watched - twice - yesterday and today, Dr. Russek's talk on CI. I am working on understanding my condition and what I need to communicate to my PT/Manual Therapist. I am considering getting a brace - has anyone recently purchased one of the braces Dr. Russek suggested? Are you working with a PT or Dr? I am seeing my PT this week - called in for a session due to a migraine last Friday, lasted 2 days, flare lowered and raised back today with arm movements. I believe I have CI at a moderate level now, and I am sure I was at a high level back 6 years ago when I had a chiropractor test that cause adverse reactions. He pushed down on my head - quite hard - then loss of arm strength, insomnia, anxiety, etc. etc. neck & head pain. I've been working with Drs and PT, Manual therapy ever since. My pain level was quite high and I had most of the symptoms Dr. Russek spoke about. Now, I'm trying to figure out how to relax the global muscles and activate the stabilizers. I think the brace would be very beneficial with retraining these muscles that keep misfiring with most arm exercises. Does this make sense? Anyone have similar issues? Have you worked them out? Good news is that I am out of the worst of it, there is so much education and support here and I'm headed in the right direction now!

Posted by gurrylife at 2023-05-23 20:57:10 UTC