Hello everyone! CW: talk of injections Has anyone ever had Lidocaine trigger point injections and had an adverse effect? My physiatrist administered a cortisone injection in my left hip bursa in February, which seemed to be fine. Last week I had a follow up and he said he doesn’t do cortisone as regularly so he wanted to try a Lidocaine trigger point injection. He placed one in my left Trapezius as that’s what I would call my “worse shoulder” and he also did my left “QL” ( Quadratus Lombordum). Since having them done I have found an increase in my pelvic area. I do have Endometriosis and recently an MRI showed Adenomyosis as well. I had two children (age 14 and 12.5) and never had an epidural on either delivery so I can’t compare the injections to then. However I am almost feeling more pressure, increased sacral area swelling more often, almost like something is pushing on my pelvic floor. I do have an appt referral for a pelvic floor PT however I don’t want to go right now as I won’t tolerate anything. Am I just correlating the symptom change to the injections or would it make “sense” for a 44 yr old Zebra 🦓 with a very hypertonic and unstable pelvis to react to something in a muscle that goes from the lower back down to the pelvis 🙃 I’ve included a photo from google that shows where the QL is. #triggerpoints #lidocaine #pelvicpain #pelvicfloor

Posted by piercey_denise at 2023-05-25 14:54:21 UTC