Hi everyone! Last week (May 16th) I had surgery to remove endometriosis. The surgery itself went well and I felt better until Sunday evening. I had some severe pain in my lower left abdomen and it made my usual menstrual pain way worse. I even had to go to the ER because I just couldn't bear it anymore. The gynecologist checked everything and it seemed fine. I also have nausea (no vomiting) and stomach pain after every meal and trouble with bowel movements (obstipation and diarrhea). I do have IBS and suspected MCAS aswell but I never had such a bad flare up as this. We even increased the dose of my usual meds to prevent MCAS complications. The pain and nausea is still going on. I got referred to a GI doctor but haven't got an appointment yet. Has anyone else experienced this kind of symptoms and what was it? Do you have any recommendations on easing the symptoms besides pain meds?

Posted by Saskia at 2023-05-27 09:42:20 UTC