Hello Zebras. Although I started with good intentions, the need for serious dental work threw me into a tailspin. I realize now that I have been dealing with infection in my jaw for the last eight weeks. As a result, I have been really down physically and emotionally. Chronic low-grade fever and migraine headaches made it hard to even think. My sleep was disrupted and so I took a lot of naps and I’ve been inactive. I have so much pain from that. But the dental work is done now and I am healing, so I am starting on the key foundations. I am surprisingly doing well in my jaw although there is some residual pain. Yesterday I took a couple of short walks. Mostly, I’m suffering from hip and groin pain regardless of my position. I am grateful for the slow start in the program. I just watched the video on proprioception, and my hip pain was awful. If anyone has any experience with coming back from a serious inflammation, I would so appreciate it. I’m sick of resting yet movement is a killer right now. Thanks!

Posted by janetwriter at 2023-05-28 15:27:42 UTC