Hello from the hot and sunny Sonoran Desert🌵. I am spending a little time every morning with my app and just discovered the presentations. OMG I am nearly in tears. I’m so happy to know that there are answers to the conundrum of me being me. At the same time, I’m overwhelmed and intimidated by the mountain of little changes I am going to need to make, and the ways in which I’m going to have to support myself as I regain strength. GULP 🦓 At 73 years, and as a survivor of chronic and sometimes severe health issues (I died twice in the OR in 1986), I wonder about my capacity for growth. My muscles are atrophied, and since I kept hurting myself trying to figure it out on my own, they are understandably reluctant to trust me (they seem like defiant little children sometimes, L O L). I imagine that it will take additional nutritional effort to support strengthening. I’m trying to find protein options that will not aggravate my gut or trigger MCAS symptoms. My nutritionist encouraged me to not be overwhelmed by all the different diets that I’ve tried. She said to just focus on anti-inflammatory gluten-free dietary options. Sorry to be so wordy. I think I’m just reeling here. All of this discipline seems hard sometimes. On the other hand, I have been so miserable that any way out that I can find looks good to me. Thanks for being there. J

Posted by janetwriter at 2023-05-30 13:53:56 UTC