So, I know very little about fatigue, and I think it's impacting my quality of life and mental health more than I think. I already have very conflictive feelings about "being lazy", and I think my lack of awareness around fatigue are making it worse. My levels of energy are not what they used to be. Sometimes my body, my whole being, screams at me to just sit down and rest. This happens even if I haven't been doing a lot. Sometimes, I look at my calendar, see the forecoming events and I get anxiety, because it feels (it really does) like I'm not gonna be able to cope, or that by the time I am done I'm gonna be absolutely spent. The feedback of my body only confuses me more because, despite feeling extremely tired, I know that I can still send the "order" to my body to move. And it will do it (somehow). But it will be a horrible experience. This of course, impacts my motivation. I might be trying to complete a task but my concentration and performance will be all over the place because I don't want to be there, I am hating every minute and my body is just telling me to stop and rest. Even with all of this, I normally end up giving myself a really hard time because I could have moved, or because I did a not-so-good job because iI was "being lazy". I have never thought about fatigue, I don't know how it feels like but, now that I am getting more informed about HSD/EDsS, there seems to be a lot going on when it comes to it. Any thoughts?

Posted by Geeky Al at 2023-05-30 19:22:48 UTC