I remember learning about an EDS/HDS clinic in The UK that treats chronic pain from a multidisciplinary approach in one of the webinars that I watched. Does anyone know the name of it? Or if there are more than one? I’m going back to school to earn my PMH-DNP (psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner) license and then FNP (family practice nurse practitioner), so I can achieve my long term goal, which is to open my own EDS/HDS clinic in my community. Total education will take 5 years and I will be working as PMH-DNP for the 1.5 years it will take me to get my FNP post grad certificate, but this will prepare me to become a well rounded NP who will open her own clinic to care for zebras across their lifespan. The reason I’m initially focusing on psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner is because, in addition to having an increased risk for mental health disorders, so many zebras are misdiagnosed with mental health disorders. On the other hand, many mental health patients have hyper mobility and could be screened for EDS/HDS and may even benefit from some of the same treatments modalities, even if they are not diagnosed with EDS/HDS. I will strive for: Early Diagnosis, Immediate and continued education, and accessible collaborative holistic care for management of the many health conditions caused by our collagen.

Posted by Deleted (4540755f) at 2022-02-27 18:10:31 UTC