Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has experimented with or uses 0% drop shoes and what your thoughts are. A physio recommended them to me (to feel my heel better and strengthen the feet) so I bought a pair in December to wear at home (sometimes with my custom inserts and other times without). At first they felt great but since then I've actually had a bit more foot discomfort and more difficulty balancing on the "bunion side." As this advice was contra to what my former podiatrist had always suggested (stability sneakers, motion control, Dankso, etc) I'm curious to know of others' experiences. Since moving a couple years ago I'm still in the process of finding new doctors and at the moment only have this fisio as a resource but he knows little about hEDS. Thanks for any feedback!

Posted by Christy at 2023-06-01 13:59:19 UTC