This is a very interesting recent study about folate deficiency and hypermobile symptoms and how supplementation really helped. This is particularly interesting as I have just discovered I am very low in folate. 2 years ago I was pretty much normal and my folate at that time was 15ugl (normal range 3 to 14.4) then I started having lots of hypermobile problems, I rechecked my folate and its now 3. Without folate your body can't use b12 and without folate and b12 you have lots of symptoms that are often seen in HEDS. The researchers found many hypermobile people have a thing called MTHFR which blocks folate synthesis meaning your blood tests are normal but really your not. They found we need a special kind of supplementation which gets round this and they highlight this as a potential huge benefit. In my case I think the use of ppis have maybe caused low folate but not sure. Definitely interesting!

Posted by lizyorks at 2023-06-03 07:42:03 UTC