Hi Zebras 🦓 Many of us really struggle to not push through fatigue and other limits. Dr L Russek articulated an awesome simple strategy during one of her recent talks, that I recognised as one of the keys I’ve been trying and sometimes successfully implementing in my management and recovery; “take a short rest when a short rest will do” It’s a brilliant and simple way of thinking about pacing and it applies to any kind of structure or lifestyle etc. It’s not as simple to implement of course because sometimes it requires attention to the nervous system, which definitely doesn’t often like stopping mid-task. It is, however, really beneficial for the nervous system long term - encouraging safety, mindfulness and care. ✨🦓🙏🏼💚 I once spent an entire morning cleaning a bookshelf in a 1-2 minutes on - 5-10 minute rest pattern. These days I can get closer to 10minutes on 5-10minutes rest. ‘A small rest when a small rest will do’ is such a nice easy way to remember this aspect of pacing! Much gratitude to Dr Russek.

Posted by barbara at 2023-06-06 07:19:29 UTC