Hardest things people said to me—kind of therapeutic to put it all down! Why don't you just get up off the couch? Why can't you find a local doctor? She should be seeing a doctor (i did!!) Do you want to get better? I don't believe you You must be feeling your pain wrong You aren't doing what I would do or what doctors would do Other people wouldn’t take care of you What if you just go to the local ER and they can fix you? Your hip is fine Here’s a sermon on a crippled woman If you confess your sins you'll be healed I don't know how to help you If you just got out of bed… Here's a list of all the bad things that can happen to you on bedrest you should try to operate on at least a level 5-6 pain

Posted by Amanda C at 2023-06-11 18:36:41 UTC