So, yesterday I had a revelation... I've always had problems to stabilise my pelvis and hips. It's not all the movements but some in particular I don't seem to be able to control, no matter what I do. I have got a slighlty torn meniscus in my right knee and (guess) my left hip and glute tend to flare and get tight and painful. I also have the feeling that, when I put weight on the left side of my body while standing up, my left hip doesn't keep me stable but sort of spreads and rotates. But again, they were confusing feelings and I couldn't pinpoint what exactly was going on. Then, yesterday I tried the fascial release class. I was doing that exercise while you have the two therapy balls under your pelvis while lying down and then you take one away and try to keep the pelvis balanced... And there it was! Finally! Turns out that the left side of my pelvis was completely shut down! Like, literally shut down. My brain didn't even know which muscles to activate. And I was compensating all around the place. It's not even that I didn't have the strength. That side was literally dead weight and nothing was activating. Right side, though, was working fine and and brain knew what to do. Super weird!! Interestingly, and fortunately, I am excited rather than scared. I don't even know for how long this might have been happening but I am hoping there is something I can do about it. At least it's new info! I'll try the same class tonight again, gently, and see I manage to wake something up lol. Worst case scenario, I'll have my osteopath have a look or even my GP if they think it's serious. Has anything like that ever happened to any of you?

Posted by Geeky Al at 2023-06-12 22:20:20 UTC