Hi, I'm on the east coast of central Florida. After being diagnosed w/everything under the sun since the age of 25 (I'm 52 now), and every frustration that comes with that, my neuromuscular D.O. recently diagnosed me with hEDS. It's something I've suspected for many years but never pressed. In fact, in 2011 while starting PT for some feet issues, the therapist, on my third visit, said I was hyper-mobile and wasting my time & money coming to therapy. He also suggested I stop yoga and pilates because I would end up hurting myself more because my body "just doesn't know when to stop." That was the last anyone said about my hyper mobile issues, until this year. Until three weeks ago actually. In this short time, thanks to EDS Society, IG accounts, TZC, Youtube etc., I finally feel connected; not just to other but to myself! In this short time I also learned my cousin was diagnosed with hEDS one year ago. From there we started learning hyper-mobile issues run long in our family. Thank you @Jeannie Di Bon for creating a safe space. I've already learned so much that has allowed me to make small little changes in my day to day life already that help. 🙏

Posted by beachydreamn at 2023-06-15 23:53:47 UTC