We are considering a Zoom meeting for the (part time) bed- and house bound Zebras in this club ✨🦓 🛌🦓🏠🦓✨ In many posts we have found that people who are bed- and/or house bound have their own special challenges but also their own kind of glimmers, hacks, tips and tricks to make life as good as possible for us. And also that we (at least I) light up when you read about another Zebra who spends their days in a same way as you do. To further this connection the idea arose to have a zoom-meeting to connect, talk about our daily life, how we cope and find glimmers. Are we just a few who look forward to such a meeting or are more interested to join. If so, let us know below. Add what you would like to talk about. And might you have special needs to be able to attend the zoom meeting that you think we might be able to provide for? Another, related, question: Could you let us know if there is interest in a sub-chat for bed-/home bound, severely fatigued zebras? Let us hear your thoughts💭📢🦓 (image: Christina Baltais - Living in a Shell used with permission. Christina is a Canadian artist with whom I've connected over the years. I've participated in one of her ME-activism projects and I love her work. Her work can be found on her website: wordsasmedicine dot com there you can find the social media she is on and her Redbubble shop if you would like to furnish your bedroom with her art or drink from a different mug than your zebra-mug😉 She writes about the work in the photograph: "This collage is about how small ones world becomes with chronic illness, and how the majority of it consists of rest. It also symbolises the necessity of retreating to a quit and safe place to do so.")

Posted by helenedewinter at 2023-06-18 11:50:50 UTC