I wanted to thank the @Jeannie and the ambassadors for the New Member Meetup video. It’s taken me a couple days to get to that one. My favorite take-aways were *1: do the foundations first *2: journal your progress/movements/how you do on each class. I did start doing this and find it’s important for me. *3: Less is quite possibly more *4: my most favorite point I think, for multiple brainiac reasons is something Rachel said- look at the classes as “movement experiences” versus exercise. She pointed out how, for some people (definitely me) exercise can become or feel robotic… in my words- rigid. Sometimes very rigid. But to reframe it as movement, or movement experience, helps me remove that rigidity. Thank you @ian @Bethany @jillw @Katie N @Rachel H

Posted by beachydreamn at 2023-06-22 00:34:24 UTC