Hello all. I’m increasingly finding that as well as the exercise programs, the community support of the zebra club is incredibly useful and comforting. Not only in terms of resources but just reading and understanding how other zebras cope and experience every day life, and being able to totally empathise and realise that other people struggle in the same way I do. I’m 54, and hyper mobile. The onset of the menopause seems to have initiated a lot of pain, joint discomfort and instability. From reading other people’s stories I strongly suspect I have various other issues discussed here, but for various reasons I’ve decided not to push for a diagnosis. As you all do, I find ways of coping. I’ve recently discovered 2 resources that that I find incredibly useful and thought I’d share with you in case someone may benefit. Pillow - l use a mediflow water pillow. It doesn’t work miracles and banish neck pain , but I do find it the most comfortable of the many pillows I’ve tried. Contour legacy leg pillow. This was strongly recommended by my chiropractor because my hip keeps dropping. I’ve been using this pillow and doing the unwinding the pelvis class most days, and the pain is definitely improving. Hope someone finds them useful 🙂

Posted by nicolacull at 2022-03-02 11:26:01 UTC