Question about rib sublux. I've not had this happen many times at all so it's somewhat unchartered territory for me (only once before now, which lasted 3 days). Just want to know if this is normal (for us). My left side has been very sore for the last week - mostly in the evening or if I've been walking a lot in one go, I've been doing the TZC videos on YT to try to help it. I bent sideways to the right to remove a cushion from my chair before sitting down, not particularly far, but anyway there was a very loud cracking sound and instant intense pain in my left side - the type of pain that gets you making random sound effects and stuff. I am still just sat in the chair as any movement is agony, breathing deep is agony - you know the drill. It doesn't feel "caught" like it did last time I had a rib sublux, it just feels incredibly sore in a very small area on the back of the bottom rib. Pain is far worse than it was prior to sidebend. When I manage to relax, it hurts a bit less. Is it normal for the rib sublux to come with a very loud crack? My other joints occasionally will make loud cracks when subluxing, but I don't know if rib would do the same.

Posted by Ida at 2023-06-24 18:44:56 UTC