Hi, I am new, I am enjoying the exercises on here and they have made a difference. I wandered if any body on here could help me. It seems I have been probably dealing with EDS all my life and several manual therapists, a couple of osteopaths and a personal trainer are convinced I have it. but I haven't had a formal diagnosis from a EDS specialist. I have been trying to get hold of the UK's leading specialists, Dr Hanaldi Kaz Kaz and Dr Alan Hakim as I have been told they are the best to see. I have looked at the London hypermobility unit and it says Kazkaz is away. I tried the hospital she is associated with a few months ago and they had no idea when she was coming back. I called them again today and I am awaiting a call back. Hakim has relocated and he is not excepting referells until July and then there may be a massive waiting list. Hi have been told that Dr Gayattri Mittal is also an Eds specialist, has anyone had experience with this specialist? Does anyone know who I can get hold of either Dr kaz Kaz is their something I have missed? Thanks in advance, April

Posted by Hazel Joy at 2023-06-26 10:37:47 UTC