It’s been a tough 6 weeks for me and I feel I’ve missed out on much that has been happening here. Last time I posted we were setting off on holiday for the first time in years. Unfortunately we got a call at 5.30am on day 5 to say my Mum had been rushed to hospital & thankfully we were able to get an emergency flight home. My Mum has survived thankfully & has been a complete soldier. She was due to come home from hospital last week, but then caught covid & spread it to me & my twin sister who has ME. Layers & layers of trauma 🙁Today I sat in my zero gravity chair finding it hard to relax even in my down time, as there’s so many phone calls & organising for Mum etc, I felt the nervous tension in my tummy & I thought, I want to relax this… reached for the ‘Body scan to relieve tension mediation’ & I could feel the tension, stress & responsibility melt away, so good to have classes to reach to in all eventualities, looking forward to getting back to my other classes soon, feeling grateful 😊

Posted by AnneG at 2023-06-27 20:55:59 UTC