Hello! I’m looking for some advice in relation to being in a car accident. Apologies in advance for the length. TLDR: I was rear ended 2.5 weeks ago and had whiplash. I have hEDS and CCI. I hired a lawyer and they have specific providers they work with and I feel like those providers don’t know how to treat someone with hEDS. Wondering what I should do. More information and context: About 2.5 weeks ago I was rear ended and had whiplash. This also happened to me back in 2008. Back then I didn’t handle it well because I was young and just at the beginning of my health issues journey. Eventually I got an attorney, but had already seen the wrong providers and I believe it was the thing that really kicked off my CCI problems. This time I got a lawyer right away to make sure medical things could be covered. The lawyers have certain providers they already work with and unfortunately as time is going on I’m feeling that they’re treating me like a typical patient vs someone with hEDS. They know I have hEDS, I’ve explained it to them, but they don’t seem to know how to tailor care around that. Primarily I’m seeing a chiropractor that also incorporates massage, cupping, taping, TENS, and ultrasound, among other things. I like that he uses these extra tools, but he also does the typical chiropractor adjustments with a lot of stretching and cracking, which is what has me worried. I had been working with a chiropractor previous to the accident, and I had convinced to do gentler adjustments using a small tool, and even then I wasn’t super sure if it was helping, but my lawyer hadn’t worked with the old chiropractor and wanted me to stay with the new one. And now I feel stuck in this place of wanting to get help and back to where I was at pre-accident, but also very wary of the provider options to do that. I guess I’m just looking for general advice for what to do in this situation. I was already frustrated with the lack of EDS knowledgeable care near me, and now with this additional injury I’m feeling even more at a loss and feeling like just throwing my up hands and saying forget it. Mentally it’s just so hard to keep fighting for what I need, especially when I’m not sure what the right direction is. Any help, advice, or similar experience would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by alblythe47 at 2023-06-28 18:26:08 UTC