How do you all stay motivated to keep doing the exercise and activity needed to get better / maintain? I have to keep it up at least 5 days a week otherwise I go backwards. I'm struggling now, I am fed up with everything in life, and this neck instability (from injury) has taken almost all my hobbies from me, as they make it hurt more. All the Curable stuff has helped the constant pain, but I still hurt from the hobby stuff. It all feels pointless. I'm in therapy for trauma. I have made good progress with cci, but I have almost no progress with lci. I was sad about being unable to work due to mental health, but took comfort in my ability to do my hobbies to pass time and find joy. Then I got this neck injury 2+ years ago and it stopped even that. Life revolves around trying to improve my health, and it feels too much. I don't find joy in anything now. And the lack of motivation to work out is making my body worse. There are no neck specialists to help me in my country. No idea what to do.

Posted by Ida at 2023-06-29 12:07:34 UTC