Hi all, Please may I ask if anyone experiences random, (ie at sporadic times on and off during the day and length) nerve tingling and numbness? It feels like I’ve sat on my foot type sensations. But it’s randomly working its way around my body for the last 4 days. Keeping me awake at night. It’s mostly in my hands/arms and feet/legs. I found it really difficult to do much exercising today. I also feel nauseous more this week as well. I have been moving more since getting a puppy 6 weeks ago. But still doing stretching exercises daily. Otherwise nothing else has changed. I actually feel less stressed and low because of finally getting a fur friend! I’m trying ice, gently flexing the hands and feet. Rubbing them. I’m really at a loss with what else to try. I’ve been taking amytriptaline for years for other types of nerve pain. Any enlightenment from others experiences greatly appreciated. ✨ #numbness #neuropathy #nervepain

Posted by swisskatiej at 2023-06-29 17:07:27 UTC